The Invisible War

The Invisible War

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The Invisible War is a gut-wrenching story of mud, microbes and mucus. The unseen enemy. Our Invisible friends.

This graphic novel is inspired by new scientific discoveries about the protective roles of viruses and bacteria living within our intestines. We are introduced to Annie, a nurse who faces the filth and horror of WWI and, simultaneously, we follow a journey into her body and bear witness to a battle between ancient microbial enemies.

The core team were: Author – Ailsa Wild; Illustrator – Ben Hutchings; Art Director – Briony Barr; Science Director – Gregory Crocetti; Science Advisor – Jeremy Barr


What the critics say:

One of the best books I've ever read on that general theme.

—Robyn Williams ABC RN Science Show host.

A candidate for the first truly modern 21st century graphic novel.

—Dorian Sagan, US science writer and son of science communicator legend, Carl Sagan

This book is a brilliant example of what the human mind can produce

—Harry, 14