Follow Your Gut

Follow Your Gut

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By Ailsa Wild, Lisa Stinson, Briony Barr and Gregory Crocetti

Illustrated by Ben Hutchings

Meet the ecosystem inside you …

A timid Bifidobacterium named Biffy is forced to leave their family and become part of a new community, in the gut of a newborn human baby.

Follow Your Gut is a comic that ate a biology textbook. It’s an epic adventure set over the first three years of a new life, exploring one of the most important relationships you will ever have — the one with your gut microbiome.

Created by artists, scientists, and educators, this story is for anyone who’s curious about the human–microbe symbiosis, and what all those trillions of bacteria are doing down there in your intestines!

Inspired by the latest research, Follow Your Gut includes a fascinating and detailed appendix that explains the amazing science behind the story.

Released in September 2024, currently available for pre-order

What the critics say:

We fell in love with Biffy, the adorable Bifidobacterium. We also learnt about the scientific process of growing up, and the not-so-secret universe that we have inside us!

—Kira and Catherine, Year 7, University High School, Melbourne

A wildly entertaining science lesson that will change how you see your own body.

—Dr Nat Bannan, high school science teacher