The Forest in the Tree — How the fungi shape the earth
Nema and the Xenos — A story of the soil cycles
The Squid, the Vibrio and the Moon
Zobi and the Zoox — A story of coral bleaching

Small Friends Books

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The Small Friends Books series tells stories about symbiotic partnerships and cooperation between microorganisms and larger forms of life. Featuring microbes, molecules, mucus and more – we hope these books will nurture an appreciation for the role our small friends play – from bacteria & viruses, to archaea, fungi, protozoa & algae…

Small Friends Books are created through a collaboration between artists, writers, scientists, educators and designers.

What the critics say:

I read your first book The Squid the Vibrio & the Moon to my four-year-old grandson and he was absolutely riveted. As soon as I finished, he demanded that I read it again. He was swept up by the story, the incredible characters in it and wonders of the relationships that have evolved. I look forward to the series to come

—David Suzuki (Scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster)

The Squid, the Vibrio and the Moon charmed me, educated me and astounded me, and if anything I'm even more charmed, educated and astounded by Zobi and the Zoox. It's tense, gripping and enthralling – not only for children but for all of the most original and exciting book projects for children that I've seen for a long time.

— Jane Sullivan, author and literary critic from The Age newspaper

Nema and the Xenos: A Story of Soil Cycles is a must-read for every child and every adult to remember that microbes make us, we are soil, we are members of a complex, creative, cooperative Earth Family.

—Vandana Shiva (Scientist, environmentalist and author)

The Forest in the Tree is poetic in its simplicity, with beautiful, luminous illustrations that surprise and delight; inviting the reader to see the world with fresh eyes.

—Nadja Slovak (Primary School Teacher & Librarian)

Anthea’s Garden

Anthea’s Garden

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Anthea’s Garden was a wonderful experiment, which started with music composed by Katherine Rawlings and grew into both a storybook and live production. It was published and first performed, in November 2015 and has since toured theatres, schools and churches in Melbourne. The illustrations are by the amazing Simon Howe.