Squishy Taylor and the Secret Envelope
Squishy Taylor and the Mess-Makers
Squishy Taylor Versus the Mayor
Squishy Taylor and the Vase that Wasn't
Squishy Taylor in the Mud
Squishy Taylor and the Bonus Sisters
Squishy Taylor and a Question of Trust
Squishy Taylor in Zero Gravity
Squishy Taylor and the Tunnel of Doom
Squishy Taylor and the Silver Suitcase

Squishy Taylor

Visit Website | published by Hardie Grant Egmont

In an apartment full of questions, on a street full of mysteries, lives Squishy Taylor. Squishy is a brave, ridiculous, big-hearted mystery-solver. She and her stepsisters (who she calls ‘bonus-sisters’, because they were the bonus she got when she moved in with her dad) launch themselves into a series of adventures featuring runaways, diamond smugglers, hackers, hauntings and their super-cute baby brother.

What the critics say:

Thank you @Ailsawild for creating such a cool children's character in Squishy Taylor. Authentic Aussie kid. My peeps love her.

—Annabel Crabb

As per usual she had 20 minutes to read before bed. 40 minutes later her light was still on! We eventually got her to turn the light out. She was totally hooked on the book. Unbeknown to us the next morning she was up before the sun and was again reading... She has always enjoyed reading but has never had such a strong connection to a book.

—Mother of Matilda (year 3)

Naughtiest Pixie and the Midnight Feast
The Naughtiest Pixie and the Bad Pixie-Trick
The Naughtiest Pixie in Disguise
The Naughtiest Pixie and the Bounciest Pup

The Naughtiest Pixie Series

Visit Website | published by Hardie Grant Egmont

It’s not easy being the only pixie at a human school, especially when you have to keep it a secret – but if anyone can do it, Jenifry Star can!

Jenifry Star is a very loveable, very naughty young pixie who decides to go to human school to make some friends. Everyone knows grown-up humans are terrifying; they hunt pixies, they stomp on their houses and even pickle pixies in jars. But surely human children are perfectly safe? Jenifry is willing to find out!

With her infectious sense of humour, knack for mischief and irrepressible charm, Jenifry must figure out the surprising rules of school and human friendship while keeping her pixie side hidden.